Candle Creation

Candle Creation

As an homage to nature and natural purity, our hand-poured candle collection is made of the most natural products available, with no cheap fillers, chemicals or dyes. Our re-useable glass containers are made from recycled glass and feature natural cotton wicks and natural cork tops, and our candles are hand packaged in recycled Kraft paper cylindrical boxes. 

Soy wax is natural and biodegradable. Soy wax will burn longer and slower than paraffin wax, and soy wax burns zero petrol soot free. Paraffin wax often found in less expensive candles on the other hand, releases harmful fumes of toluene and benzene (both are known carcinogens), have been linked to asthma and lung cancer. Essentially, burning a cheap paraffin wax candle in your home is like having a mini diesel motor running, which is why we use natural soy wax as the base for our blend. 

Coconut wax is considered to be the healthiest wax for candle making as it is smokeless and soot-free. The coconut wax also provides a stabilizing quality to the blend, allowing the candle to burn more evenly and cleanly, and providing the best burn to the edge of containers for a perfect wax pool.

Bees wax provides two benefits in our candles. One is that it acts as a hardener for the softer soy and coconut waxes, and gives the candle a rich honey color. Secondly, the bees wax neutralizes pollutants in the air by producing negative ions while burning. This helps to remove dust, odors and mold from the air, easing allergy and asthma symptoms. In the times before oil lanterns or the light bulb, bees wax candles were used as a primary light source and also to clean inside air of indoor pollutants. 

Inspiration for our fragrances are inspired by our travels and are made from premium natural fragrance oils and essential oils. Our fragrances and blended to capture scent memories ranging from the mountains in spring to the desert after a rain storm, and everywhere in between. In addition to our standard fragrances, we are always adding new fragrances and seasonal scents too. 

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