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EMERALD POOLS (T) 8 oz Glass Jar Candle

EMERALD POOLS (T) 8oz Glass Jar Candle


Water finds it way through the desert sandstone to quiet cool serene places, where delicate fragrant plants like moss and fern can grow and cast dramatic hues of green reflections in the emerald pools. This complex blend has notes of oak moss, amber, tonka bean, sage, and lavender.


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Hand-poured coconut, soy, and beeswax candle
Reusable, recycled glass jars, natural cork lids
Natural kraft paper cylinder boxes
Natural cotton wicks
Hand-poured in our Utah candle studio
6oz candles burn for 30+ hours
8oz candles burn for 50+ hours
16oz candles burn for 100+ hours

Directions + Use

Trim your wick to 1/4" before each lighting.
Allow the melted wax pool to reach the edge of the container before extinguishing to prevent wax from building along the sides of the jar and tunneling.
Recommended burning time 3–4 hours.
Never leave a candle burning unattended or within reach of pets or children.
Candle jar will be hot after burning. Please allow wax to cool before handling or replacing the cork lid.

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