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CANYONLANDS (T) 4 oz Room Spray

CANYONLANDS (T) 4oz Room Spray


Canyonlands features the warm, musky, rich aroma of sandalwood and amber as it transports you to a sun-warmed and dried log resting high above the river as it carves its way through the base of the canyon.


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Our skin-safe room sprays are crafted with the same blend of natural essential and premium phthalate-free natural fragrance oils as our candles. The room sprays are made using a Soy-Based Odor Neutralizer to naturally eliminate odors and a Soy-Based Emulsifier to keep the blend evenly concentrated in the bottle and minimize ingredient separation.

Never tested on animals, only ourselves and our friends.

Directions + Use

Shake before use and lightly mist into the air or over linens, fabrics or upholstery.

Our room sprays are great for a quick fragrance refresh in homes, offices, cars, hotel rooms, boat cabins, campers, RV's, tents, fabrics, upholstery, stinky gym sneakers, the list is endless. One or two pumps of this ultra-fine mist is all you need, so use sparingly and this spray will last a very long time.

Avoid spraying directly on hard surface or directly into eyes.

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